Presentation Series

We have developed the Presentation Series to benefit of our members and affiliated organizations. To help inspire those interested in pioneering new ways of living in tomorrow’s world we are providing educational opportunities for members and non-members.

Our presentations are designed to enable event planners to allocate time for an interactive question and answer segment at the end of each 45-minute presentation.

These talks are intended to interface with customary workshop and conference venues, as well as stand alone presentations. Those interested in sponsoring and scheduling such presentations for their organizations and communities are welcome to contact Laura Baldwin, our event coordinator at 

Topics offered in our Presentation Series (double click on items highlighted in red for further information):

  • Trillium Dialogue : a trilogy of three people coming together to inspire and support one another, and in this way help make the world a beautiful place for us all.
  • The EarthWalk Alliance Story – introduces audiences to the mission and concept of EWA and its pioneering vision
  • Eco-Restorative Design-innovative means of restoring the fecundity of Earth through the application of Living Systems design
  • Re-thinking Houses – retrofitting our homes from extractive systems to post-extractive contributors to the environment
  • The Second New World – pioneering an emerging planetary mythos. Thinking about meeting the needs of future generations is often associated with indigenous people and their seventh generation ethos towards creating a sustainable world. This topic draws on the merging of past Native American cultural values with the way people are begining to think about the planet today. “Our People’s Destiny” (click here to view this one page length Appalachian Cherokee prayer) This prayer offers us insight into First People’s values for sustaining Earth. This presentation helps us envision how modern society will be able to help transform our world into a future Eden for our children.
  • Ecocities/Local Living Economies – creating autonomous Living Systems in our local neighborhoods
  • Caravan Village/Alternative Living Communities – a vision for our future.  This is a story combining the social contributions of retired people with the energy of young adults and ecologically beneficial energy and resource use.  Caravan Village sets the stage for older Americans to live their lives with dignity energy autonomy, and connectedness with younger people. 
  • Sustainability, the Laws of Ecology, and What They Mean for Business –  Jon R. Schulz (for his bio click here) helps us understand ecology through the eyes of a business person.

This suite of topics is interrelated with one another, and can be combined as selected topics if so desired by the event sponsor:

  • Single presentation – approximately one hour length including a question and answer period along with handouts.
  • Combination presentations – allow approximately 45 minutes per topic as selected by the sponsor’s review process; particularly appropriate for convention styled venues where participants are able to attend topics of their personal choosing.
  • Full suite of presentations – including ten minute breaks between presentations and one hour lunch period – an 8 hour length venue is recommended; this option is highly appropriate for workshops having a focus on topics germane to EWA’s overall mission.
  • Series presentations – offers organizations and the educational community flexible scheduling of single presentations scheduled for specific times during the year.