Future Plans

MEMBER BENEFITS BEING PLANNED FOR THE FUTURE are about the ideas and hopes EarthWalk Alliance holds for a more sustainable future. These are projects being planned so far:

Hospice Ashram – This is seen as a future adjunct to our retirement community project (select “Projects” category, and then select the “Caravan Village” page). The Hospice Ashram idea offers a practical way to enhance the experiences surrounding the end of life. We are planning a Presentation Series topic named Alternative Living Communities During the Second Half of Life which will expand on this future benefit.

Sponsorship – We support social and environmental change on a grassroots level. It is up to individuals and nascent organizations around the globe to be the change we wish for the world. We therefore wish to support our EWA members who are planning an event that is of interest to them and the Alliance.

For example, the Alliance embraces the work of Stone Circles, a nationwide organization which has one of its outreach centers, known as Stone House in Orange County, NC. We will be providing conceptual architectural plans for their future development projects.

Siler City EarthWalk Community Outreach Center – Prospectus Brief (as of March 8, 2010)

EarthWalk Alliance is a DBA 501c3 tax-deductible nonprofit organization now in a transitional community process. This organization holds an intergenerational vision and collective mission sponsored by Earth conscious people. It is devoted to constructing and retrofitting a small-town neighborhood revitalization project near downtown Siler City, in central North Carolina. A “Living Systems” urban farming demonstration project and reeducation center is being planned for this location.

The EarthWalk Alliance (EWA) was conceived with the vision of creating many sister Centers in the future. It sees itself helping hundreds of nascent Earth-conscious organizations become highly empowered to actively form and sustain such Centers. The Alliance is the offspring of “The New Monk Project” in Lexington, VA (newmonk.org), a predecessor organization devoted to “nurturing person and planet,” wherein the idea of nurturing people as well as non-human communities is seen as an ongoing, integral process. EWA embraces those principles set forth in the year 2000 international Earth Charter.

Our intention is to raise up a sign of possibility for how human settlements and neighborhoods in urban and rural settings, in the developed world and in developing nations, can live effectively in coming decades. This idea encompasses development of self-sustaining life support systems called “Living Systems.” Living Systems ideas equitably address the needs of people as well as sustaining natural ecosystems. Examples of Living Systems components include organic gardens, all-seasons greenhouse facilities, restorative water flows, hydroponic crop production, permaculture learning workshops, collective community reeducation, and eco-restorative building design. We are committed to seeing this Siler City project serve its local community through helping people reeducate themselves about their relationship with the natural world. And we are committed to economic viability. We see the Center nurturing its staff members, its workshop participants, and neighborhood citizens. Ultimately we hope to see the Center, and other future affiliated Centers, help our many children, parents, and elders embrace right life and livelihood ethics, and share with all people the joy of living close to the Earth in their very own backyards.


A. To design and construct, within 30 months, our flagship Life-Sustaining Outreach Center (LSOC) in Siler City, NC. This Center is being planned for about 20 households,  as well as nearby neighborhood folks. It will demonstrate how life-sustaining and spiritually nurturing human systems can bring into being “Living Systems” designed to integrate a healthy balance of both human ecology and Earth ecology. To express this in another way, our goals include the establishment of an economically sustainable/eco-restorative community of people living in harmony with Nature, and with one another.

B. To develop economic and educational outreach programs that support local business and home owners interested in transformation from fossil-based technologies to sustainable and organic urban and rural agrarian practices.

C. To bring into being, within a 30 month time period, after launching this project, the “EarthWalk Funding Foundation.” The Foundation will provide assistance to committed groups of people outside the Center who wish to replicate the Center’s mission in a way that is appropriate to their bioregional, political, socioeconomic, and cultural needs. “Land trust” holdings, capital investment services, and the Center Accreditation Process are to be managed by this Foundation.

D. To serve as an educational facility whereby LSOC staff members, local communities and organizations, and future Life-Sustaining Centers will have their human ecological needs met through the application of nonviolent communication methodology inspired by Marshall Rosenberg, the Waldorf school concept originally envisioned by Rudolf Steiner, and other teaching modalities as expressed by Hal Gardner (multiple intelligences) and Daniel Goldman (emotional intelligence).

E. To demonstrate the principles of Paul Hawkins’s “Ecology of Commerce” by developing exportable income streams that support the LSOC local economy and that produce gross cash flows within the center that can repay capital improvement expenses within 90 months of their inception.

F. To provide a healthy, chemical- and heavy metal-free food resource for all Outreach Centers and EarthWalk Fund Foundation staff members.

The physical embodiment of these goals will be expressed through the Center’s planned building, educational infrastructure, and organizational structure as follows:

1. Serving as a demonstration project for local community members and neighbors in Siler City, NC as members of the greater Alliance. Here people can see how they can apply resource, water, and energy conservation practices in their own homes and businesses. (Vehicle: New Earth Building Construction and Consultation Services, and the proposed Permaculture Advocacy Group)

2. Utilizing off-site conference facility and demonstration center which when completed will be available to the EarthWalk Alliance and related organizations advocating sustainable and earth justice principles. (Location: Franklinville, NC – 12,000 square foot sized conference building)

3. Mobilizing a “reeducation” curriculum based on acknowledging both human and natural ecology as essential to the restoration of Earth. This is seen as an educational resource dedicated to exploring fundamentally new ways of relating to our inner wellbeing through more conscious, nonviolent verbal interaction within our individual selves, within our organizations, and within our communities. Group consensus-building training technologies developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs International (ICAI) will empower local civic and community interests to develop new horizons for themselves in ways that the Alliance can mirror and build upon. (Vehicle: Center for Nonviolent Communication Outreach Program and ICA “TOPS” Training)

4. Advocacy of sustainable local economies leading towards a socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable global economy. All participating Centers will operate on the basis of having a viable business plan to be monitored by the Foundation. (Vehicle: Business Alliance for Local Living Economies – BALLE)

5. Telling the “New World Story” about how it is possible to live in a New World where “Living Systems Projects” are created, which produce equitably nurturing community for both human and non-human agendas. Other participating Alliance members will be encouraged to bring their stories to what is called the Presentation Series. This Presentation Series and its educational focus will draw upon the expertise of divergent groups through web classes funded by the Foundation. (Vehicle: Center for Ecozoic Studies (CES), EarthWalk workshops, classes, and learning events, and the Learning Network of Alliance Members)

6. Discovering, and rediscovering, pathways by which our contemporary connection to Spirit is deepened and through shared connections with one another and all Creation. (Vehicle: EarthWalk Life Celebrations)

7. Supporting the creation of alternative ElderHood communities dedicated to helping people find alternatives to institutionalized care facilities. Personal dignity, self-autonomy, and fulfillment will be encouraged by all participating stakeholders. We acknowledge the immensely rich human resource embodied in elder generations worldwide.

It is important to experience how we can strengthen and add to the agendas held by each one of these streams of effort. We will do so by encouraging interconnected relationships to emerge among them. Transformational objectives must include the commingling of many independent organizations, ideas, and heart energies. In so doing, we create a living demonstration, harboring the wisdom of inclusive human organizational forms.


Open space, corporateness, collective team action, inclusiveness of people and all life forms, buying local, growing local, actions based on consideration and planning for all ages, addressing the depth human problem, working in a delimited geographic area, symbolic and transformational ritual as key to community energy, spirit and cohesion, and economic viability.

Current actions and projects:

  • Bringing in the land investment resource to acquire the Siler City site.
  • Using the Baldwin Farm Resource Center as a demonstration launch site
  • Building a nationwide individual membership base through internet, direct mail, and special events
  • Planning for a multigenerational community based on “Caravan Village” ideas as alternatives to institutionalized retirement communities
  • Creation of Earthwork Foundation dedicated to create a financial Land Trust acquisition and capitalization resource for the creation of 200 Earth Walk Alliance member communities globally within the next 8 years

For further information or to volunteer time or financial resources. contact Tim Watson at tim@tlwarchitect.com (919 644 2901).

For further information on new eco-restorative technologies and “Caravan Village” refer to www.tlwarchitect.com.

For longer-range vision concerning the building of a global social movement, to receive a free copy of the Declaration of the Earth, and learn more of the vision of an “order of the earth” first articulated by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, send your email request to earthdeclaration@gmail.com.


(listing is in process of expansion)

The New Monk Project (Lexington, VA)

South River Highlands (Lexington, VA)

Baldwin Farm Resource Center (Hillsborough, NC)

Building the Movement (Arvada, CO)

Walk Softly, LLC (Randolph County, NC)



Organizations EWA has informally interviewed about becoming affiliated members:

Center for Ecozoic Studies (Chapel Hill, NC)

Bountiful Backyards (Durham, NC)

Second Journey (Chapel Hill, NC)

An EarthWalk Alliance inquiry….

“How it is possible for otherwise disparate groups to gather themselves into symbiotic relationships with one another, to do the Great Work in concert with one another, as Fr. Thomas Berry foresaw it, for the good of All Life?”


  • Forrest Craver is a social justice attorney and professional fundraising consultant. In the last 30 years, he mobilized funds for more than 40 international, national, regional, and local environmental groups including The Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society, the NRDC, Cousteau Society, Earth Share, the Nature Conservancy, and Conservational International. He created the mass mobilization strategy for Earth Day with Senator Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Weaver. He wrote the copy and Earth Day pledge which mailed to millions of American citizens–resulting in embedding local Earth Day celebrations in thousands of local communities. He won a direct marketing award for his Earth Day fundraising work and an award for his creative fundraising work on behalf of the Native American Rights Fund. Craver lectures on issues of masculine development and transformational ritual process and initiation at colleges and seminaries. He has led more fifty weekend retreats for men. His forthcoming online book is In the Fullness of Time: Men at the Turning Point of History.
  • Tim Watson is an Eco-Restorative Design architect specializing in the development of “Living Systems” whereby humans and non-humans coexist in mutually beneficial ways. He is committed to a new form of architecture that produces ecological rejuvenation of soil, rainwater flows, and people. He sees buildings as serving as eco-restorative contributors to the natural world. His inspiration springs from indigenous people’s belief in the sanctity of the Earth Herself. He serves the Appalachian Nation  Cherokee in the capacity of Sacred Pipe Carrier, and co-founded the emergent New Monk Project. Tim is an educator and writer, and as such is dedicated to helping people see for themselves alternative ways of living on the Earth.
  • Sunder Wells‘s visionary pioneering spirit draws from a lifetime of study, culminating in the creation of The New Monk Project, and its New Monk Library. Now in her eighties, she builds her ongoing contributions to the Great Work as a poet, painter, parent, teacher, and former Air Force wife. Forty years ago, she founded The New Monk Project with the spiritual blessings of Dom Bede Griffiths, who served as one of the New Monk Elders until his death in 1993. She sees the full flowering of the EarthWalk Alliance in its evolving Garden Homes, ElderHood Communities, and Hospice Ashram. Sunder’s contribution as an Advisory Council Member for the Alliance is highly valued.

(Note: in good time, additional core leaders are being planned for inclusion in this listing.)

Manifestation of these future benefits depends upon EarthWalk Alliance being given donations, grants, and new volunteer staff to support these projects.