EarthWalk Alliance is an educational not-for-profit organization centered on providing three services:

Library Services – book of the month selection feature, recommended reading list, and comprehensive book resources for members.

Scholarship Program – furthering the education of young adults seeking opportunities to engage in “green collar” and related environmentally friendly jobs.

Workshops and Presentations - a series of talks called the Presentation Series covering topics relating to both human and non-human environmental stewardship issues and ideas.

We are pro-actively supporting or offering a range of services which promote these projects in the world:

Caravan Village – an elderhood community being planned near Franklinville, North Carolina. It’s purpose is to provide affordable home ownership opportunities for retired people who believe in social self-autonomy and community engagement, while desiring to live in ecologically sustainable ways.

Baldwin Farm Resource Center (BFRC) – our headquarters. Our 6000 square foot facility offers classroom, library, and office spaces for staff and local community activities. An additional 6000 square feet of greenhouses are being used to demonstrate passive and solar energy production, vermiculture, and winter crop production. These facilities are situated in a four-acre portion of Baldwin Farm, located near Hillsborough, North Carolina. The BFRC’s mission includes:

  • Living Systems education
  • Demonstrating Eco-Restorative Design
  • Nurturing the natural world