Individual Principles

EWA’s Individual Principles

As an active member of the EarthWalk Alliance community, I covenant with my sisters and brothers both in my local community and across the world to honor the spirit of these eight sacred agreements as the basis of our peaceful coexistence with fellow human beings and non-human communities at large (see Earth Charter):

In my economic life, I will buy local and support locally-owned businesses, even though I may pay more. I make this choice as a central value of local economic sustainability.

In my purchasing of food and beverages for my family and myself, I will buy locally-grown organic produce that is truly organic and free of artificial pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.

In my purchase of communications systems—cable TV, Internet, and telephone services—I will choose decentralized systems which honor the value of the cooperative movement and decentralized economic values.

In my life as a citizen of my community, I will support educational excellence, diversity of cultural values, and appreciation for the historical role of disenfranchised minority communities, such as Native Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

In my life as a property owner, I will strive to achieve optimum energy efficiency through retrofitting, use of greywater, energy-efficient lighting and heating, and I will embrace my community’s interest in the proper management of my property.

In my life as a property owner or renter, I will optimize my yard space through growing of organic fruit and vegetables and encourage my neighbors to grow their own food, indoors and outdoors.

In my life as a parent and human being, I will tend to the reeducation of my children, family, and community members with the purpose of deepening our shared sense of reverence for Earth.

In my life as a participant in the global political process, I will actively and financially support organizations and events advocating humane care of Earth and all her life communities.