Four Keys to Our Future

Community Action

By Forrest Craver

1. Collective living: An idea whose time has come. Co-housing and eco-villages don’t go far enough, because both fail to free up the economic and human energy resources and critical time mass so critically needed to get the job done and make the transition to new paradigm local social forms.

2. Ongoing transformative ritual process: Postmodern, trans-religious. Collective living provides the critical 24/7/365 container for enactment of life-enhancing ritual process. The human soul cannot withstand what’s coming our way, as all existing social forms break down under mounting economic, cultural and political stress, without a viable and life-giving spiritual life practice. More progressive leaders are dropping out of politics and choosing not to run for state and federal office again because of feeling overwhelmed by contraction of all systems. Rising suicide rates and severe depression among children and youth are “canaries in the coal mine,” warning us we are not responding to needs of the human soul.

3. Neighborhood-based food production:  As the fabulous Eating (Third Edition) PBS special points out so compellingly, the current agricultural model is killing us, or at the least shortening our life span and vitality. The neighborhood must become the platform for local food production immediately. Diabetes, depression, and other mental illnesses, in children especially, are directly linked to eating poisoned, additive-laden chain store food.

4. Off-the-grid home and small business production: New architectural construction forms are required immediately which handle off-the-grid energy, clean water capture, recycling of water, direct on-site food growing 12 months of the year through hydroponics, and other sustainable technologies.