“A quality of sacredness is to be found in all things of the Earth.”

If you believe this to be true, you are attuned to the concept of eco-spirituality.

Ancient traditions remind us of humankind’s universal sense that the source of Creation in its infinite wisdom, brings into the natural world, without exception, expressions of perfection. This simple understanding helped guide EarthWalk Alliance to its present sense of mission, and connection with the sacred quality inherent in Earth, Herself.

Eco-spirituality can be seen to be universal in its nature and not affiliated with any particular religion. No matter what you believe to be spiritual in nature, if you believe there is sacred essence inherent in Nature, the presence of planet Earth as a being in Her own right, and in the evolution of a science based cosmology, then Eco-Spiritual Pioneering ideas can help you broaden and communicate that which is alive in you.. For many, the eco-spiritual concept adds a missing ecologically oriented component to their traditional religious faiths.

Eco-spirituality is an emerging consciousness that is swiftly taking root within the human community. It holds that all living and non-living components of Earth are of equal importance and have equal rights per the international Earth Charter as propagated in the year 2000.

The idea of being an Eco-Spiritual Pioneer is inspired by growing cadres and organizations of people who are willing to blaze new paths towards renewed respect for all living organisms. These are people who see that we are a part of the web of life, and therefore we are not predestined to hold ultimate dominion over all the things of Earth. Eco-spiritual-minded people are leading the way towards formulating new environmental ethics which protect and serve Nature as we individually and collectively go about our lives.