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Life Rules Receives Rave Reviews

November 15, 2011

Life Rules, Ellen LaConte’s most recent book, has been reviewed by theologian-economist John B. Cobb, Jr., best-selling author of For the Common Good, as the “one book you must read if you want to fully… Read More

Our People’s Destiny

November 3, 2011

The following article entitled “Our People’s Destiny” was on display at the

“Brave New Planet” Conference in October.

Our People’s Destiny


As Sacred Pipe Carrier I offer prayer onRead More

EWA Members to Present at “Brave New Planet” Conference

October 28, 2011

We are very proud to announce that our very own President, Tim Watson and Advisory Council Member, Ellen LaConte will offer their “ecological” advice to a very eager audience for the… Read More

BFRC Living Lab Bio Diesel Shed

October 28, 2011

The Bio Diesel Shed is COMPLETE!

This shed will be used as a learning lab for young kids. Jody Boyd, our BFRC
craftsman, deserves our thanks. He crafted the shed’s timber framing in waysRead More

A Playful Bio Diesel Shed at Baldwin Farm Resource Center

September 23, 2011

As part of Baldwin Farm Resource Center’s educational program, we are creating new water flows for active learning school children programs. This particular water flow demonstration will be a lot of fun for school aged… Read More


July 27, 2011

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Baldwin Farm Resource Center Chestnut Grove

June 23, 2011

Thanks to the vision of Guy Baldwin, his surviving Baldwin family members now maintain one of the few known stands of mature grafted American Chestnuts in North Carolina.
Last year marked the… Read More

Challenger Rainwater Collection

June 23, 2011

One of BFRC’s educational outreach program goals is to work with local sustainable practice agrarian interests on design and installation of “off-grid” rainwater collection systems.

We limit our installations to locally available materials and… Read More

Sacred Footprints: Fall 2010

November 9, 2010

Every January, April, July, and October we will publish a new issue of Sacred Footprints, EWA’s official newsletter. Each quarter of the year, EarthWalk Alliance offers our readers an update on our work, progress, and… Read More