EarthWalk Alliance Frequently Asked Questions


“Let us walk lightly on the Belly of our Great Mother. Let us walk in a good way with all living beings. Let us become what this world yearns for the most – servants of Goodness.”

1. What is the core intention of EarthWalk Alliance?

Our core intent is to raise signs of hope and possibility for how the coming generation can live in harmony with the Earth and all living beings in a sustainable, joyous fashion. We believe that the enactment and fulfillment of local comprehensive sustainable living communities is what is currently missing in the many useful but fragmented approaches to community reformulation. We envision multiple demonstration projects in the United States, and then formation of EWA demonstration communities in developed and developing nations alike.

2. What is the purpose and function of the Alliance in awakening local action and replicating projects nationally and globally?

We are intent on creating an inclusive global movement for comprehensive locally-sustainable community. The first demonstration project in North Carolina will provide an inclusive model of what we believe the future will require, including permaculture, sustainable and earth-friendly architecture, living off the grid, greywater, retrofitting, straw house construction, hydroponics, neighborhood-level greenhouses, local economic models of grow local/buy local, and support from locally-owned businesses. These communities will use the power of collective action: team action based on affinity selection of people who freely choose to work together, year-round in gardening, beehives, chicken, goat, pig, and fish production, local canning and preserving cooperatives, and similar ventures.

3. How is EWA different than other efforts like the transition movement or local/regional/ national “dark green” projects?

We are launching this project because of the apparent need for inclusivity of a model that addresses political, economic, and cultural concerns of the entire community. This means that our project speaks to all ages, all the problems of the community, works in a tightly-delimited geographic area, addresses the deep spiritual issue of our time—isolation and failure to understand and apply collective action to project and movement building—and, finally, EWA operates with the understanding that symbol is key to transformation. This means that we understand and use the power of story, the power of symbolic icons like the Earthrise image, and we use the cohesive power of transformative ritual process in team- and community-wide events. We use an inclusive spirituality which welcomes all beings and is not wedded to any religious tradition or dogma. EWA is not a cult, a religion, or a political movement. We are a movement of the Earth, an order of the Earth on behalf of protecting and empowering the land, the water, the air, and the quality of our food and lifestyle, consistent with the demands of the times in which we live.

4. Can you explain the intent of establishing local EWA demonstration projects around in the world?

Yes! We seek to provide a comprehensive, practical, and inclusive answer to the penetrating question, “How will the coming generation and all life forms live together in harmony?”

5. Is it possible to do a site visit of your work?

Yes. For more details, please contact Tim Watson through our website. We will be offering day-long and weekend training events, and it is best to schedule your visit in conjunction with our training schedule.

6. How can I get started in launching a EWA project in my own community or neighborhood?

We recommend that you first read the content here on our website. We will be providing one-day and weekend intensive trainings late spring, summer, and fall of this year. We want to empower you and teach you everything we’ve learned in last 30 years about “walking lightly on the earth and “living simply so others may simply live.” Our guiding principle is “think globally, act locally.” We have postings of highly recommended websites, videos, and books on our website for deepening your awareness and skill sets and overall context of what is required to face the future challenges of human community in a time of peak oil decline, global climate change, and economic instability.

7.  How can I volunteer or make donations?

Thank you for your interest! Please check the rest of our website for postings of upcoming events, current needs for project money, in-kind products and supplies, etc. EarthWalk Alliance is a 501c3, non-profit organization, and your gifts are fully deductible under state and federal law. We ask for and welcome your participation and sharing our story of hope and transformation with family, friends, and colleagues.