External Links

These links will direct you to organizations, communities, and projects with similar goals to the EarthWalk Alliance. They will open in a new window.

This information is periodically being updated to assist those interested in finding alternative life choices for themselves and the environment.


Constituent Organizations

The New Monk Project – the forerunner of EarthWalk Alliance



Alternative Retirement Community Resources

ElderSpirit Community – affordable co-housing community in Abington, VA

Silver Sage Boulder, CO – upper range cost co-housing community

Second Journey – alternative retirement community advocacy group in Chapel Hill, NC

Pioneering Network – retirement alternatives educational resource in Rochester, NY

Green House – expanding senior non-institutional housing organization based in NY

Caravan Village – a LEED standard alternative community being planned for development near Greensboro, NC




Northwest Earth Institute – promotes the international Earth Charter

Institute of Cultural Affairs – a global organization supporting the emancipation of all peoples

Stone Circles – a resource for reflective nurturance and social activism

Center for Ecozoic Studies – helping envision the great geological Earth changes now underway

The Chaplaincy Institute – an interfaith seminary embracing aspects of eco-spirituality

The Earth Rights Institute – supporting the global creation of ecological communities

Walking Softly LLC – enlightened developer in North Carolina


New Consciousness Centers

Perelandra Center for Nature Research – embracing non-physical connections with Nature

Omega Institute – educational resource for body, mind, and spirit

Genesis Farm – learning center for Earth studies centered on the health of our global commons

Integral Institute – inspired by the contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber

Alliance for a New Humanity – An organization with a mission to connect people, who, through personal and social transformation, aim to build a just, peaceful, and sustainable world, reflecting the unity of all humanity.



Thomas Berry and the Earth Community - visionary “geologian” and source of inspiration for TNMP

Caroline Myss Education Institute – rich resource for spiritual growth and healing

Paul Hawken – author and visionary who is helping change the relationship between business and the environment

Teilhard de Chardin – French Jesuit philosopher who has made groundbreaking progress in joining science and religion

Ellen LaConte – author, philosopher, and EWA Advisory Board member


Sustainable Development Information Resources

WiserEarth.org – a social network for sustainability

Eco-Restorative Design – a new green development concept for designing communities that range beyond sustainable design ideas, as well as encompass guidelines set forth by the international Earth Charter.


Climate Change Information Resources

GreenerChoices.org – lists 18 ways you can significantly cut down on your carbon footprint

350.org – a gobal grassroots campaign to stop the climate crisis


Sustainable Agriculture

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center – a project of the National Agricultural Library, AFSIC is a great resource on sustainability in agricultural production

Growing Power – a Milwaukee based non-profit in which city youth grow organic food for their community.