Executive Board and Advisory Council Members

Earth Walk Alliance Board Members


Fred Baker

Fred Baker, an accomplished musician/bookkeeper/auto mechanic, is a veteran of several cooperative community ventures.  In the ‘70’s he co-managed the Natural Foods Warehouse in Durham, NC before becoming a founding member of Common Ground Community in Lexington, VA. He practices voluntary simplicity and believes in the saying “One God—Many Paths.”  He serves a Treasurer of EarthWalk Alliance.

Dr. Peter Charles

Dr. Peter Charles

Dr. Charles is a Professor of Anatomy and Physiology at Durham Technical Community College and director of the Research and Technology Division of CyberBiota Advanced Lighting Products, a Durham-based company dedicated to reducing carbon emissions through the use of microelectronic technology. Peter consults for Baldwin Farm Resource Center and our Living Systems work in the area of microbiological processes in soils.

Harvey Harman
Harvey is a naturalist, organic farmer, enlightened developer, educator ( helped launch Central Carolina Community College’s sustainable agriculture program), permaculturalist, and visionary man. He is also a joy to work with. Harvey is currently leading the charge for a restorative community located in central North Carolina specializing in sustainable land development, renewable local economics, and green building practices. For more information about this project see:  

Tim Watson

Tim’s eco-restorative philosophy embraces the spiritual connection that universally exists between humans and the natural world. The writings of the Jesuit eco-geologist Thomas Berry, added inspiration to the evolution of Tim’s work as an architect, and helped inspire him to serve EarthWalk Alliance. Similar writings, and the teachings of indigenous peoples, have helped Tim witness the sacredness of the Earth Herself. Tim lives and works in Hillsborough, NC where he often collaborates with his wife, a restorative landscape designer and integrative health counselor. He is presently serving as president of our organization.

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  • Mel Leasure (president emeritus, TNMP)

Earth Walk Alliance Advisory Council

Barney Brown

Barney has been serving The New Monk Project in an advisory role since 2007. His business acumen and spirituality bring a much needed dimension to EarthWalk Alliance decision making process. Barney provides oversight in connection with our publication related endeavors, and has proven to be a great friend of EWA.

Jim and Beatrice Bruteau

Beatrice Bruteau, PhD. is the author of 13 books and over 100 articles covering a range of topics on human consciousness and theology.James M. Somerville, PhD. served served as Chairman at Fordham University’s Department of Philosophy. He is the author of 5 books and over 70 articles. Jim and Beatrice both enjoyed a long standing friendship with Fr. Thomas Berry whose eco-theological writings influenced their work.  Jim and Beatrice Bruteau live in Winston Salem NC.

Forrest Craver

Forrest Craver is a social justice attorney and professional fundraising consultant. In the last 30 years he mobilized funds for more than 40 international, national, regional and local environmental groups including The Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society, NRDC, Cousteau Society, Earth Share, the Nature Conservancy and Conservational International. He created the mass mobilization strategy for Earth Day with Senator Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Weaver. He wrote the copy and Earth Day pledge which mailed to millions of American citizens — resulting in embedding local Earth Day celebrations in thousands of local communities. He won a direct marketing award for his Earth Day fundraising work and an award for his creative fundraising work on behalf of The Native American Rights Fund.   His forthcoming on line book: “IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME: MEN AT THE TURNING POINT OF HISTORY”.

Barbara Henry

Barbara Henry is a retired Episcopal priest and librarian, now living in Chicago.  She was a vital part of the New Monk Project from its early days, and continues to be involved in inter-faith activities, with a special interest in Hindu/Christian studies and practices.  She also likes to keep aware of new spiritual movements, such as evolutionary and ecological spirituality

Ellen LaConte

Ellen LaConte’s most recent book, has been reviewed by theologian-economist John B. Cobb, Jr., best-selling author of For the Common Good, as the “one book you must read if you want to fully understand the crises that threaten our very existence.” In a similar vein, the influential human ecologist William R. Catton, author of Overshoot and Bottleneck, wrote of the book that “If there were someone with authority to require all candidates for high public office to read certain books in preparation for the responsibilities they aspire to undertake, Ellen LaConte’s Life Rules should be high on the list of urgently required reading.” By LaConte’s own reckoning it is her most significant work to date. Lloyd Wells, an influential community organizer and author of Recreating Democracy: Bringing New Life to American Communities, writes that “it may be one of the most significant books published in 2010.” For more about Ellen, visit her site: http://www.ellenlaconte.com/

Jon Schulz, Trillium Dialogue Co-Founder

Jon is passionate about human potential, the incredible natural world, the idea of systems and how to design & build them to achieve neat and practical results. His background includes B.S. Microbiology and Biochemistry, 21 years with NASA aerospace systems engineer, 17 years research and development in sustainable community and regional development, ZERI systems designer, and Blue Economist.

Jon is one of our founding Trillium Dialogue practitioners, and offers our newest EWA Presentation Series topic entitled: “Change! – Understanding the Reality Quake and the New Business Environment”

Sunder Wells

Sunder Wells, founder of The New Monk Project, continues to bring insight and guidance benefitting our Executive and Advisory Board leadership. She has enriched many lives as poet, painter, teacher, and contemplative lifestyle practitioner. Forty years ago she founded the New Monk Project with the spiritual blessings of Dom Bede Griffiths, who helped attract hundreds of individuals to The Project. She sees the full flowering of EarthWalk Alliance in its active and planned projects – in particular Caravan Village, Baldwin Farm Resource Center, and the future Hospice Ashram.

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  • Michael Lanier
  • Jean Wallis
  • Kitty Wainwright

EarthWalk Alliance/Baldwin Farm Resource Center Staff

  • Laura Baldwin: Presentations Series coordinator and financial director
  • Jenny Abamowitz: BRFC Master Gardener
  • Virginia Martinez-Helling: part-time facilities custodian
  • Tim Watson: manager/planner
  • Jody Boyd:  Construction Staff

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