Reverence for our lives and the Earth

Reverence for the Earth is one of humanity’s sacred gifts. What lives within us is expressed in the outer world around us. EarthWalk Alliance seeks to serve those who desire to deepen compassion for themselves, and for the greater communities of life around them. We support those who have set upon their journeys bridging their personal life story to our planet’s life story.

We see eco-spiritedness in part drawing upon the legacy of countless cultures shaped by their respect and awe for the natural world. According to the well known mythologist Joseph Campbell, humankind has a long history of universally acknowledging the Great Mystery believed to be embodied in the Earth. We believe our ancestors’ sacred regard for the powers of nature enabled them to maintain a symbiotic balance between themselves and the Earth’s ecosystem.

Thus human intentions towards the ecology of their planet are being reshaped, and as these intentions shift towards a new age of equity for all life, the prospects for a truly balanced relationship between humanity and the environment draws ever closer.

Our guiding mission is to help and inspire those who love the Earth.

Our People’s Destiny


As Sacred Pipe Carrier I offer prayer on behalf of the Appalachian Cherokee Nation              asking Creator to fill our hearts with respect for harmony and balance with all our Relations – these our Brothers and Sisters who are each of Creator’s hand.


Whatever befalls our Relations befalls us. We are all one. The destiny of our People is intertwined with the destiny of the tiny insects, the flight of geese – the gift of seeds. May we realize that there is neither separation nor difference of worth between anything the Creator has made, be it us, or those who swim, fly, live in the earth, or walk on many legs.  Because this is so we believe Creator has gifted us strong medicine to foster life and

nourish our Earth Mother in all the things we do.


In this way we seek to walk the moccasin trail in ways our ancestors understand, and in ways that will see those who will follow our footsteps proud to follow. This path is one which is guided by the powers of gratitude and respect we hold for all Creation.      Peace amongst our Relations will live whenever this is so.

In this way our Earth Mother shall be renewed and

all Her powers returned to Her.


Each time our People gather let us remember these things and teach our children the wisdom of this walk.  Each child who understands

the sacred role Creator has given to them will hold

the medicine of healing themselves and our Earth Mother firmly in their hands.


We call for a new day in which two things are understood. 

First, we humans are equal but not superior – to any other person or being. 

Second, that we live for the children of all our Relations who will benefit from our

consideration for their lives seven generations to come.


Let this legacy be the ground we walk as we join with the communities of Nations,

both human and non-human, and so share their destiny with ours. 

Uwoha’tli  Gvnagei    (Black Eagle)

Sacred Pipe Carrier prayer offering for the Appalachian Cherokee Nation – September 16, 2011