About Us

We support Earth, and Earth Stewards like you.

We seek to nurture inner human ecology, and in so doing nurture Earth ecology. We do so by giving individuals and groups of Earth caring people support for their ideas and actions in the world.

Reverence for the Earth is one of humanity’s most sacred gifts. Our aspiration is to serve Earth-loving people and their organizations.

We are an organization of allied earth-steward organizations sharing resources and funding opportunities.

What We Do

Our mission is to support our members and affiliated organizations pioneering sustainable alternatives for all life communities.

  • Baldwin Farm Resource Center (BFRC)

    A “living systems” demonstration facility for youth and adults in Hillsborough, NC

  • Sustainable Building Practices Scholarship

    Helping associate degree students acquire sustainable technology skills

  • Garden in the Box

    A back-to-the-garden and -nature educational tool for people of all ages

  • Presentation Series

    How to marry new “hard technologies” with new “soft technologies”